How many people can fly at once

With DroneTrax, ten or more drones can fly at the same time.  This is one reason that using DroneTrax is a better choice than a climbing wall, or a bungee jumper.  You get more entertainment for you dollar.

How much space will i need to set up

DroneTrax can be setup as small as 10x20, or really as large as you can imagine.  Typically a festival setup will utilize a 20x30 or 20x40 DroneTrax, and a smaller party will use a 20x20.  We recommend at least a 5 foot border around the entire perimeter, and 14' clearance.

is it safe

There has never been a single reported accident using DroneTrax.  Everyone flying drones always remains safely outside of the perimeter of the DroneTrax enclosure, and the drones always stay inside of the enclosure.  We also always have trained staff on hand at every event to ensure everyone is safe.

What is a good age for this activity

In our experience ten years and up is the age group that this works best with.

are there obstacles and games

Yes! we are always creating new ways to challenge pilots in fun and exciting ways.  We have games for the beginner all the way up to the expert flyers.  Also there is always plenty of time for free, unrestricted flying inside of DroneTrax.

DroneTrax is a portable indoor / outdoor flying system that can be set up quickly and easily virtually anywhere.  We use DroneTrax to create many different drone flying arenas that can be set up in backyards, parks, at festivals and fundraisers.  DroneTrax comes with drones, so you don't need to worry about providing your own equipment.

What is DroneTrax