Five Reasons Why Kids Love Drones

The Top Five Reasons Why Kids Love Drones is the Number One reason why Drone Party Planet is in this business!  We provide all of the essential ingredients for your kids to enjoy all of the excitement of Drones - from flying to building, racing through obstacles, and learning to fly.  Best of all you will be using our equipment, so you will never have to buy or worry about damaging your own drones.

So let's get started and find out what are the Top Five Reasons Why Kids Love Drones

Number One: Drone flying stimulates our kid's imagination.  Give a kid a drone, and they are already flying through the forests like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia on their Speeder Bike Chase.

Number Two: Kids love the command and control that a drone offers - It's better than driving a remote control car, because with a drone they get to "Fly".  With drones they can create obstacle courses in the sky to challenge their piloting skills, and compete with their friends.

Number Three:  Drones are fast, and kids love to race.  You might think that drone racing is only for the high test, expensive drones in the Drone Racing League.  But this isn't true.  Drone racing can start with the smallest nano drone models around the house.  These nano drone are not dangerous and they are easier to control then you might expect.

Number Four: Kids love aerial photography and videography.  The camera and SD card is one feature that makes the drone an expedition partner for kids.  The ability to take pictures as the drone climbs into the sky, and then the ease of downloading pictures to your computer makes camera drones incredibly fun or young kids.

Number Five: Customization and building - kids are tinkerers, and they love putting things together.  Building a drone is easy, but challenging and extremely fun.  The fact that you can tweek and customize different parts, from frame to motors, canopies to cameras, is a very intriguing proposition for kids.

Drone Party Planet created a safe and easy flying experience for kids and adults.  The DroneZone Entertainment Center is a transportable closed modular structure where kids pilot their drones safely from the outside while the drones fly on the inside. Drone Party Planet offers drone classes and events for Camps, Schools, and Individuals in the New Orleans and surrounding area.  Contact us today.