You may get a drone for Father’s Day, but will you have the skills to fly it?

It is summer, and the weather is perfect to fly that new drone that you got for your birthday, or Father's Day, but losing or crashing that expensive gift as soon as you open the box and fly it, is no fun.

About 2.8 million drones were sold in the United States last year, and 1.2 million of them over the holidays, according to the Consumer Technology Association. The bigger drones can cause major property damage and injury, especially at the hands of a novice. Most people don’t realize that controlling a drone is harder than they expect, and many drone buyers are surprised by the power of their machines.

Drones are very sophisticated aircraft, they are not like toy race cars, they are much harder to operate, and there is a learning curve. No one should take a drone out of a box and try to figure out how it works by flying it. Just like anything else, flying skills are learned by practice, and the best way to learn, is in a controlled and safe environment.  Here at Drone Party Planet we offer one on one flying lesson to individuals who wish to improve their flying skills. We have certified drone experts that will teach you how to fly and walk you through drone safety rules, so that you don’t crash that new drone.

Drone Party Planet offers drone classes and events for Camps, Schools, and Individuals in the New Orleans and surrounding area.  Contact us today