Drone Party Tips and Tricks for Pre-Teens and Teenagers

Planning a party for your teenager or tween?  Well you are in luck because drones are hot and what all the kids want.  Read on and see some of the different ways you can integrate drones into your next party or event.

For your tweenager, gone are the days of the princess and super hero party.  Your tweenager wants grown up party themes, which is easy to provide, but just require a few age appropriate adjustments. Older children always want to be 'cool'  and they are looking for their parties to have that WOW factor - nothing is cooler than a Drone Party! 

Party Theme:

Bring in the 70’s Disco Party or go Ol' School with a Grease Theme
Rock out the night with 50’s or 70’s music and costumes while you fly through the DroneZone obstacle course.


Candy and Cake Party
We all love sweets, indulge the kids in variety of sweets.  The kids will be running back and forth between flying the drones and gobbling up ice-cream and drinking soda. Nothing is more fun than cake and drones.

All Girls Slumber Party or just Glitz and Glam
Sleepover, movie, pizza and flying drones at night.  Flying at night is everyone's favorite.  The lights from the drones make it extra special because it is like having your very own light show in your back yard.  Girls make great pilots and can surely rule this one.

Boys Neon and Glow Party, just add BBQ
Glow in the dark face painting, and glow sticks all around will add the extra accents to the drones flying at night.  Neon lit drones zipping around at night in DroneZone make for great fun.  Add BBQ with some hamburgers and hotdogs, and you have this party nailed.


Party Food:

Mini Pizza
Chicken strips
Veggie and Cheese Platter
Waffles and Pancakes
Jelly Beans, M&M and some Lollipops
Ice Cream Bar
Candy Popcorn
Chocolate Fondue
Soda and non-alcoholic Mocktails
Cookies, Cupcakes and Birthday Cake

Party Favors:

Temporary Tattoos
Notebook and Stationary
Cool Pens
Glow in the dark items
Fuzzy Socks
Hair Tie
Mesh Drawstring Backpack

We hope that you have found this article fun, helpful, and inspirational.  As parents ourselves we understand that keeping a kid's party fresh and fun can be challenging.   Let us know what you think, feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

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