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No more Check E. Cheese, Build a Bear, and no more video games.  Time for something fun and satisfying - building and flying a drone.  No matter if it is a Birthday, Scout outing, Class or Camp activity, or just quality Parent / child time building a drone is something that engages kids and adults alike, in an unforgettable experience.  And what parent does not like their child to be more stimulated and engaged?

Build A Drone

So lets Build and Fly a drone!  Drones are a complex flying machines consisting of differentcomponents such as flight control boards, engines, propellers, led lights, transceivers and receivers, and other parts.   We have a wonderful class where first time builders cancan learn how to build it, then learn how to fly it. Drones offer a new aerial and engineering prospective, countless of applications, science, technology, mathematics, and visual and spatial medium. But, building drones is not only about science. There is also a social aspect to building drones.  Kids learn how to collaborate on an idea, share knowledge, be creative and think critically. Critical thinking teaches kids how to better control their learning, and the ability to understand different point of views.

Fly A Drone

Learning how to fly a drone can take hours of practice to master, even the simplest maneuvers, such as take-off and landing can prove difficult, and let’s not forget the Christmas drone that got away, stuck on a tree, or on top of the roof. Just like anything else, flying skills are learned by practice, and the best way to learn, is in a controlled and safe environment. That is why, starting to fly withBuild and Fly, is the way to go.  You don’t have to worry about your kid losing or braking their drone, or hurting anyone else in the process. Flying in the DroneZone is ideal.  The Drone cage is a Drone Party Planet's very own portable drone cage providing a three dimensional physical boundary where anyone can safely learn to fly and master new skills. Once set up it creates an enclosed area large enough to use safely at, schools, parties, homes and more.

Drone Party Planet offers the Build and Fly drone activity.  We provide the materials, and the DroneZone to your location. The class is perfect for groups looking to give kids and adults both drone building and flying experience. In a fun and safe environment.  Click here to learn more.

Drone Party Planet offers drone classes and events for Camps, Schools, and Individuals in the New Orleans and surrounding area.  To learn more Contact us today.