DroneTrax Drone Cages are Here

The best in mobile drone cages is here - DroneTrax is the number one name in drone cages, and Drone Party Planet has them.

Our Mission is to Provide the Ultimate Flying Experience Anytime, Anywhere, to Everyone.  With the DroneTrax mobile drone cages we are able to deliver on our Mission Statement. 


Not a single accident, ever! Better safety record than bounce houses, climbing walls, and bungee jumpers, with all the fun!  The drones are always safely inside, while the pilots command their craft safely outside.


EXTREMELY DURABLE - DroneTrax is built of Aluminum-Alloy for extreme durability.


MODULAR AND SCALABLE - DroneTrax can be built to suit virtually any need.  We custom design and build to meet any need.

DRONES - All of our drones are equipped with carbon fiber frames, and full wrap-around prop-guards.  Our drones come in different sizes, and all come with brushless motors for durability.


SALES AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT - We are committed to your long term success we won't disappear after the sale.

If you are a Family or Mobile Entertainment Center, Community Center, School or Camp and are looking for the next attraction to differentiate yourself from the pack, or provide your members the newest in gaming.  Then DroneTrax is the right product for you.

Contact our sales department today to schedule a demonstration.

Drone Party Planet provides the DroneTrax mobile drone cage for any event the New Orleans and surrounding area.   We also sell and support the DroneTrax mobile drone cage.  Please see our rental page for pricing or contact us for a quote.

STEM Drone Builds With Teens

Last month Drone Party Planet was in Ponchatoula, LA building drones with youngsters from across Louisana at their week-long retreat.  We were brought there to provide a drone building and flying activity to nearly twenty teenagers.  At the end of the activity each participant brought their newly built and flight tested craft home.  All of our staff had an amazing time working with all of these amazing kids!  It was one of the most rewarding and fun activities that Drone Party Planet has had the pleasure of working on lately.  The kids were curious and full of enthusiasm building and customizing each of their drones. 

At Drone Party Planet, we believe that every kid should be exposed to STEM education. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM helps kids transform new ideas into new inventions. We are the only local company that offers a build a drone experience.  With Drone Party Planet everyone can customize their drone, learn how to fly it, and take it home…It doesn't get any cooler than that!!

Drone Party Planet offers drone classes and events for Camps, Schools, and Individuals in the New Orleans and surrounding area.   If you are interested in having us onsite then Contact us today and let us provide you with a quote.

Five Reasons Why Kids Love Drones

The Top Five Reasons Why Kids Love Drones is the Number One reason why Drone Party Planet is in this business!  We provide all of the essential ingredients for your kids to enjoy all of the excitement of Drones - from flying to building, racing through obstacles, and learning to fly.  Best of all you will be using our equipment, so you will never have to buy or worry about damaging your own drones.

So let's get started and find out what are the Top Five Reasons Why Kids Love Drones

Number One: Drone flying stimulates our kid's imagination.  Give a kid a drone, and they are already flying through the forests like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia on their Speeder Bike Chase.

Number Two: Kids love the command and control that a drone offers - It's better than driving a remote control car, because with a drone they get to "Fly".  With drones they can create obstacle courses in the sky to challenge their piloting skills, and compete with their friends.

Number Three:  Drones are fast, and kids love to race.  You might think that drone racing is only for the high test, expensive drones in the Drone Racing League.  But this isn't true.  Drone racing can start with the smallest nano drone models around the house.  These nano drone are not dangerous and they are easier to control then you might expect.

Number Four: Kids love aerial photography and videography.  The camera and SD card is one feature that makes the drone an expedition partner for kids.  The ability to take pictures as the drone climbs into the sky, and then the ease of downloading pictures to your computer makes camera drones incredibly fun or young kids.

Number Five: Customization and building - kids are tinkerers, and they love putting things together.  Building a drone is easy, but challenging and extremely fun.  The fact that you can tweek and customize different parts, from frame to motors, canopies to cameras, is a very intriguing proposition for kids.

Drone Party Planet created a safe and easy flying experience for kids and adults.  The DroneZone Entertainment Center is a transportable closed modular structure where kids pilot their drones safely from the outside while the drones fly on the inside. Drone Party Planet offers drone classes and events for Camps, Schools, and Individuals in the New Orleans and surrounding area.  Contact us today.


Drone Party Planet gets down to Business with Tulane Students

New Venture Planning, one of the Freeman School of Business School's classes for prospective MBAs provides real world experience by working with selected Founders of new local startup companies.  Drone Party Planet was asked to participate in this six week intensive course along with five other startup companies.   

MBA students, which enrolled in Tulane's entrepreneurship concentration, choose to work with an early stage venture to gain practical, applicable knowledge about strategy, management, and operations in fast-growing businesses. 

We had a great time working with the Students, and the Faculty at Tulane.  Our experience was second to none.  

Fun & Safe Team Building Events

Team Building?  Company or Group Retreats?  Special Activities for the Kids?  Drone Party Planet has you covered, and brings the activity to your location, or to the location of your retreat!

The regular routine for all of us can be a grind.  Often, we simply forget how to break out of that daily routine and have fun.  Edutainment with drones is fun and enjoyable.  See how Drone Party Planet's Team Building and tailored group activities can help your team or groups learn about each other, work collaboratively to solve problems, and most importantly have fun doing it.

Turn On Take Off Have FUn (1).png

Friendships are galvanized, team bonds form, when drone games are played.  When we come onsite kids and adults fly drones together, play drone games and have fun. Drone game challenges encourage the group to achieve various objectives including, communication, trust, coordination, flying skills and strategy.  It is the newest, safest and most exciting option for a team building activity.

Drone Party Planet brings the DroneZone, all the drones, and obstacles to your location so that you don't have to worry about anything!  We will work with you to create the best experience for your group or team. Our experienced staff knows how to work with kids, tweens, teens, young adults or adults. 

If what you are looking for is stimulating, and a fun, new experience for your team – look no further than Drone Party Planet, where social drone flying is the new cool thing.

You may get a drone for Father’s Day, but will you have the skills to fly it?

It is summer, and the weather is perfect to fly that new drone that you got for your birthday, or Father's Day, but losing or crashing that expensive gift as soon as you open the box and fly it, is no fun.

About 2.8 million drones were sold in the United States last year, and 1.2 million of them over the holidays, according to the Consumer Technology Association. The bigger drones can cause major property damage and injury, especially at the hands of a novice. Most people don’t realize that controlling a drone is harder than they expect, and many drone buyers are surprised by the power of their machines.

Drones are very sophisticated aircraft, they are not like toy race cars, they are much harder to operate, and there is a learning curve. No one should take a drone out of a box and try to figure out how it works by flying it. Just like anything else, flying skills are learned by practice, and the best way to learn, is in a controlled and safe environment.  Here at Drone Party Planet we offer one on one flying lesson to individuals who wish to improve their flying skills. We have certified drone experts that will teach you how to fly and walk you through drone safety rules, so that you don’t crash that new drone.

Drone Party Planet offers drone classes and events for Camps, Schools, and Individuals in the New Orleans and surrounding area.  Contact us today

Now you can book birthdays and events from our Facebook page

Did you know that now you can book your birthday or event directly from our Facebook page?

Here is how to go about it.

  • Navigate to https://www.facebook.com/dronepartyplanet
  • Click on Book Appointment, located on the left side of the page.
  • Select, what would you like to schedule.  you have 2 options; a drone birthday party or an event
  • Select your desired date and start time of your drone party or event.
  • If you selected drone birthday party, than complete your information; Name, address and email. You also have to indicate how old are the kids at the party, if you have more than 10, additional flying time, and don't forget to let us know the color of your free drone.
  • You need to pick up the size of the Drone Zone that will fit in your space.  Make sure to take measurements. We can accommodate space as small as 10' x 20'.
  • Let us know the location of the party.
  • Click on Pay $50 deposit now button.  We accept all major credit cards.  Balance due is collected prior to the party. Go through the payment screens to complete your transaction.  You will get a confirmation email.
  • If you selected to book an event, you need to let us know the approximate size of the event, if you like us there more than the standard 2 hours, the size of the DroneZone, and the location of the event.  You can also include additional information below the map.
  • To complete your appointment, click on the green button.  You will get a confirmation email for your appointment, and someone from Drone Party Planet will call you back to confirm your booking, and provide you with an estimate.

You are DONE.  Don't forget, if you have additional questions, you can always email us at info@dronepartyplanet.com, or call to talk to us (504) 684-7076.

Drone Party Planet at Metairie Park Country Day Fair 2017

Drones will be flying at MPCDS - May 13, 2017! 

Summer is coming and what better way to bring it in then a spectacular afternoon of food and fun on the beautiful campus of Metairie Park Country Day School.  Enjoy the DroneZone and the drones that will be flying, plus the many other fun activities. 

We will bring our par-excellence, which is our standard for any event that we are a part of. Drone Party Planet is super excited to bring their DroneZone to Metairie Park Country Day School Fair.  You will find our drone experts out in full force to help all pilots ( novice and expert alike ).  Kids and adults, this is your chance to get your drone ON.  Come fly and have fun.

Special surprise: We will be demoing our new racer drones - be there and you may be one of the lucky ones to pilot these awesome drones.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
300 Park Rd, Metairie, LA 70005
Patrick Gymnasium
Click Here for Additional Information

Drone Party Tips and Tricks for Pre-Teens and Teenagers

Planning a party for your teenager or tween?  Well you are in luck because drones are hot and what all the kids want.  Read on and see some of the different ways you can integrate drones into your next party or event.

For your tweenager, gone are the days of the princess and super hero party.  Your tweenager wants grown up party themes, which is easy to provide, but just require a few age appropriate adjustments. Older children always want to be 'cool'  and they are looking for their parties to have that WOW factor - nothing is cooler than a Drone Party! 

Party Theme:

Bring in the 70’s Disco Party or go Ol' School with a Grease Theme
Rock out the night with 50’s or 70’s music and costumes while you fly through the DroneZone obstacle course.


Candy and Cake Party
We all love sweets, indulge the kids in variety of sweets.  The kids will be running back and forth between flying the drones and gobbling up ice-cream and drinking soda. Nothing is more fun than cake and drones.

All Girls Slumber Party or just Glitz and Glam
Sleepover, movie, pizza and flying drones at night.  Flying at night is everyone's favorite.  The lights from the drones make it extra special because it is like having your very own light show in your back yard.  Girls make great pilots and can surely rule this one.

Boys Neon and Glow Party, just add BBQ
Glow in the dark face painting, and glow sticks all around will add the extra accents to the drones flying at night.  Neon lit drones zipping around at night in DroneZone make for great fun.  Add BBQ with some hamburgers and hotdogs, and you have this party nailed.


Party Food:

Mini Pizza
Chicken strips
Veggie and Cheese Platter
Waffles and Pancakes
Jelly Beans, M&M and some Lollipops
Ice Cream Bar
Candy Popcorn
Chocolate Fondue
Soda and non-alcoholic Mocktails
Cookies, Cupcakes and Birthday Cake

Party Favors:

Temporary Tattoos
Notebook and Stationary
Cool Pens
Glow in the dark items
Fuzzy Socks
Hair Tie
Mesh Drawstring Backpack

We hope that you have found this article fun, helpful, and inspirational.  As parents ourselves we understand that keeping a kid's party fresh and fun can be challenging.   Let us know what you think, feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

Drone Party Planet offers drone classes and events for Camps, Schools, and Individuals in the New Orleans and surrounding area.  Contact us today

Cool, Educational Classes and Parties

No more Check E. Cheese, Build a Bear, and no more video games.  Time for something fun and satisfying - building and flying a drone.  No matter if it is a Birthday, Scout outing, Class or Camp activity, or just quality Parent / child time building a drone is something that engages kids and adults alike, in an unforgettable experience.  And what parent does not like their child to be more stimulated and engaged?

Build A Drone

So lets Build and Fly a drone!  Drones are a complex flying machines consisting of differentcomponents such as flight control boards, engines, propellers, led lights, transceivers and receivers, and other parts.   We have a wonderful class where first time builders cancan learn how to build it, then learn how to fly it. Drones offer a new aerial and engineering prospective, countless of applications, science, technology, mathematics, and visual and spatial medium. But, building drones is not only about science. There is also a social aspect to building drones.  Kids learn how to collaborate on an idea, share knowledge, be creative and think critically. Critical thinking teaches kids how to better control their learning, and the ability to understand different point of views.

Fly A Drone

Learning how to fly a drone can take hours of practice to master, even the simplest maneuvers, such as take-off and landing can prove difficult, and let’s not forget the Christmas drone that got away, stuck on a tree, or on top of the roof. Just like anything else, flying skills are learned by practice, and the best way to learn, is in a controlled and safe environment. That is why, starting to fly withBuild and Fly, is the way to go.  You don’t have to worry about your kid losing or braking their drone, or hurting anyone else in the process. Flying in the DroneZone is ideal.  The Drone cage is a Drone Party Planet's very own portable drone cage providing a three dimensional physical boundary where anyone can safely learn to fly and master new skills. Once set up it creates an enclosed area large enough to use safely at, schools, parties, homes and more.

Drone Party Planet offers the Build and Fly drone activity.  We provide the materials, and the DroneZone to your location. The class is perfect for groups looking to give kids and adults both drone building and flying experience. In a fun and safe environment.  Click here to learn more.

Drone Party Planet offers drone classes and events for Camps, Schools, and Individuals in the New Orleans and surrounding area.  To learn more Contact us today.