Drone Build Classes for your event or program

One of our most popular product offerings is the drone build class.  Our classes are the perfect solution for groups looking to bring that extra something special and exciting to their program or event.  We provide the materials, the expertise, and even the DroneTrax cage to your home, school, camp, festival to make onsite Drone Build Classes easy and fun.


Build it, Fly it, Keep it

Students in this class walk away experts with their own custom built drone.  They build their own drone from the ground up choosing all the components that will go into the drone, including propellers, and LED lights.  They test fly their craft and learn expert maneuvers in the DroneTraz learning advanced maneuvers like flips, turns, and rolls before taking their drone home.

Cost includes two hour class, all materials, instructors, and of course their own drone.

Class cost : call for quote

Build and Test Fly

This class is perfect for Schools, Camps, and other groups looking to give their kids both a drone building experience, and a drone flying experience wrapped into one.  With a significantly lower price per student than the "Build it, Fly it, Keep it" class, yet still providing an un-matched experince, The class can be custom tailored to fit different group sizes, goals, and budgetary needs.  Classes range in length from 1 to 2 hours, all materials, instructors, and drones are included.

Class cost : call for quote


call today for a quote and let's get building and flying