Our Mission


Is to provide the Ultimate Flying Experience Anytime, Anywhere, to Everyone.  Despite drone regulations that are clear about where you can fly your drone, and when.  With DroneTrax you can safely and legally fly drones at night, and virtually anywhere.  In fact in the Spring of 2017 we were onsite at an Airport flying drones! 


Our Customers

Our primary customers are Family Entertainment Centers and Mobile Entertainment Centers that are looking for an attraction that will differentiate them from their competition.  DroneTrax is perfect for party rentals, similar to a climbing wall rental, but better because DroneTrax is able to host ten or more participants at the same time.  Built tough, built for safety, and built around a solid business model.


Our Story

In the summer of 2016 we began to build our prototype DroneZone Entertainment System.  After a couple of months of work we had the basis for our design and we were ready to test in the marketplace.  We have had overwhelming success within the year.   Unlike other "Drone Cages" our design requires no tools for setup, and relies on per-tensioned netted panels.  We have now re-branded our DroneZone Entertainment system to DroneTrax, because it sounds way cooler - and because of the racing and first person view element of the drones.